At Abide Wellness & Health Retreat our team of gifted, trained therapists are passionate about delivering high quality, remedial treatments, tailored to meet your specific needs in your journey to holistic revival, recovery and wellness.


Deep Tissue Massage

Massage that works on deep tissue and muscle layers. Relieves muscle strain, tension, congestion and helps repair muscle and tissue damage. Your therapist will pay special attention to problem areas as requested.

Swedish Style Massage

A full body massage that works on soft tissue and muscles using gentle strokes to improve circulation. Helps relieve aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, back, legs and arms. Also helps relieve stress and anxiety, improving mental outlook for maximum health recovery

Foot Massage

Melts away stress and tension and assists in relaxation in order to improve recovery.

Upper Body Massage

Massage concentrating on relieving tension in the neck, shoulders, back and chest using a mix of deep tissue and relaxation techniques.

Ice Massage

This treatment is best for inflamed joints and painful muscles (including back pain). Ice is applied on the painful area in a circular motion. This ultimately stimulates blood flow.


Spa Bath or FIR sauna with Cold Mitten Friction

Super cleansing and detox process accelerates healing and restoration. The dry FIR sauna or warm spa bath is used to warm the body in preparation for an invigorating organ tonic, this treatment helps improve the immune system, circulatory function and metabolism.

Contrast Bath

This reversing temperature treatment increases local blood and lymph circulation, has a positive effect on inflammation processes and powerfully stimulates the immune system.

Hot Foot Bath

This beneficial treatment is used for a variety of conditions including relief of headaches, lung or pelvic congestion, and relieves stress, relaxes and refreshes the body.


Wet Sheet Pack

This treatment relieves insomnia, restlessness indigestion and fever. It also effectively detoxes the body and assists in reducing withdrawal symptoms. First, a salt glow stimulates circulation and cleanses the skin and pores. Then a cold sheet and blanket wrap stimulates blood flow, followed quickly by warmth, relaxing the body and inducing sleep. It also cleanses and detoxifies by removing large quantities of impurities through the skin.

Clay Body Wrap

The warm, fine clay applied to the entire body removes impurities and toxins, balances minerals, cleanses and relaxes the body. The Clay Body Wrap is a very important component in detox therapy. The Clay Body Wrap is used for arthritis, eczema and psoriasis, and helps with weight loss.


A relaxing, soothing experience, good for when you are tense, anxious, tired, depressed or just feeling old!

Salt Glow

An invigorating salt and coconut oil rub that boosts circulation followed by a spa bath that leaves your skin feeling renewed and silky smooth.