Revive 12-night retreat

Mind Wellness Reset

Starting from $3,995

Stabilise and Rebalance your Heart, Mind and Body with the Abide 12-night Revive Mind Wellness Reset.

Is worry, anxiety, depression and stress taking over your emotional and physical wellbeing? The Revive Mind Wellness Reset is a holistic personal and emotional intervention program that will guide you through a therapy plan for the whole mind and body. You will learn valuable knowledge and techniques that will empower and strengthen you through, plant-based regenerative food, regular physical exercise plan, stable sleeping patterns, depression and stress management techniques and so much more. A consultation with our depression and stress management clinician is complemented by the full Abide Revive Wellness program outlined below.

You won’t believe how 12 nights will make a such a significant difference.
Come, abide with us awhile.

Revive Mind Wellness Reset Stay is especially designed for those who are looking to not only discover hope, joy and peace of mind but also experience that vitality and energy that comes from a complete lifestyle change. Revive program provides the environment for total mind balancing, relieving depression and stress and resetting your health and wellbeing. Under guidance and instruction from our experienced therapists, clinicians and wellness staff you will be rewarded with powerful changes and optimum results.

What the Revive 12-night Mind Wellness consists of:

  • 12 nights
  • 4 star Accommodation and facilities
  • A personal Health and Wellness consultation shortly after your arrival
  • Tasty nutritious whole plant-based cuisine and Detox Juicing program
  • Individualised treatments – select 3 of any of the treatments below:

– Full Body Swedish Style Massage
– Spa Bath with Cold Mitten Friction Treatment or FIR Sauna
– Hot Foot Bath Treatment
– Clay Body Wrap
– Wet Sheet Aqua Therapy
– Epsom Saltglow Treatment
– Fomentation Treatment
– Complimentary Aqua Therapy treatments in our steam room

  • 2 teaching/coaching info talks/presentations each day – being informed leads you to being transformed in your Revive journey of health, vitality and wellbeing
  • A guided tour of our organic garden and presentation by our head gardener (that, you can’t miss)
  • 2 hands-on cooking + nutrition experiences and program recipes
  • Pantry reset plan and tips
  • Consultations with therapists to assess and personalise your ongoing Revive Mind Wellness Reset plan
  • Complimentary beautiful local nature tour
  • Full range of quality Herbal teas – complimentary

Although each Program is unique, they all include fundamental holistic treatments and elements.
Abide Wellness Retreat draws from the foundational holistic healing principles of NEWSTART
Nutrition, Exercise, Water (pure), Sunshine, Temperance (abstinence), Air (fresh), Rest, Trust (spiritual faith)

Program Fees

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Please enquire for health guest’s carers discount. You can also enquire about other available discounts. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your reservation.

Like to know more?

Contact us using the form below and one of our team will be in touch. You can also call 03 5963 7000 to speak one of our retreat team.

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