Our Garden Farm

Come and visit our chemical-free garden farm, over 100 acres of beautiful small gardens, vast lawns, lofty trees, mountain streams and walking trails surrounded by eucalypt forests.

Learn the skills to create a productive edible garden.

There is no better way to learn about growing your own food and the health benefits of gardening than to see it in action. As part of your stay at Abide, workshops will be offered to show you techniques of maintaining your own small space, chemical-free garden, regardless of the size of your yard or experience.

On location workshops to teach you how to set up your own chemical free garden.

Learn the basics of how to create and maintain healthy soil, understand the needs of plants, and how to work them together to maximise space and create a productive edible organic garden.

See how permaculture can produce an abundance of food and a beautiful living environment.

See how permaculture can produce an abundance of food and other yields from a beautiful living environment.


Organic Gardening

This workshop will show techniques needed to design, set up and maintain your own organic garden regardless of space or experience.

Clever Composting 

Soil that is full of nutrients, moisture, life and fertility is key to growing healthy nutritious plants—and it all starts with composting.

Seed Saving

Learn why seed saving from a previous crop is important and what are the fundamentals of good seed saving.