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Looking for answers to your questions about the Abide Wellness Retreat and what we offer? Here is a selection of a few of the more common questions we receive. If you can't find the answer to your queries here just contact us and we will endeavor to help you.

All about our rooms, facilities, the usage of them and any special needs you may have.

My husband and I both work, what can we do about our children?
The nature of this program is not appropriate for young children, so we recommend that you take this opportunity to get much-needed rest and decide for the care of your children by others while you are here with us.
I get so homesick! Can my spouse/ family come to visit me sometime?
Of course! We would welcome your spouse/ family. Weekend visits or day visits are best. The best plan is for your spouse/ family to come with you to the entire program, so that, together, you can learn the joy of a healthful lifestyle. We do offer day and overnight packages to give you to taste test of the program and to help your spouse or family member to settle in.
Someone said you don’t offer TVs. Is that true?
Yes, it is true. We realise that watching TV does not promote health. Rather than watching TV shows, we encourage you to enjoy the beautiful campus and revitalise your health by walking and benefiting from the sunshine. Evening programs provide an opportunity for socialising. We do offer an extensive library with DVDs and books to watch and need at any time.
Is Abide Wellness Retreat mobility accessible?
Yes, all rooms in the main lodge are accessible by wheelchair or walking frame however much of the property outside contains rough traian and will be difficult to get around. Please let us know of any mobility issues when you book so we can cater correctly for your needs.
Can I get mobile coverage and internet at Abide?
Yes, there is Mobile 4G internet signal is available but variable for Optus / Telstra and does not always work in the rooms. There is always Optus / Telstra signal in the car park.
Is there transport available from the airport or train station?
Yes, Abide® Wellness Retreat has a private bus that can collect you from either Lilydale train station of Tullamarine Airport. Transport fees can be shared among multiple passengers. Tullamarine Airport: up to $94 or Lilydale Station: up to $48. From Southern Cross Station, take the train to Lilydale.
What do I need to bring and how should I dress?
The program is informal, including meal times, so dress comfortably so that you can enjoy walking and exercising. For the treatments you will need a dressing gown, slippers, and swimmers for the steam room. You may wish to bring suitable attire for weekend activities. Don’t forget to bring both warm and cool weather clothing, comfortable walking shoes, and possibly gumboots as the walking tracks are damp during wet weather.

All about the Abide Wellness Retreats health programs, philosophy and policies.

What is the difference between the 5-night and the 12-night program?
The 5-night program simply provides less of everything! This is an alternative for those who cannot attend for 12 Nights. The 12-night program is called the “Revive Program” because it is designed to offer more benefits than the 5-night program. Medically speaking most major benefits are seen after guests have been present for seven days. This is because during the first week, there is a detox effect that helps your body adjust to a healthier routine. The longer program provides a more complete series of lectures, more thorough health counselling and assistance in turning your life around.
When do the programs start and end?
The 5 night program: Guests arrive Sunday between 11:30am - 12.00pm and depart five days later, after Breakfast at 9:00am. The 12 night program: Guests arrive Sunday between 11:30am - 12.00pm and depart Friday morning after Breakfast at 9:00am.
What are the treatments like, and how do they help me?
We offer a range of hydrotherapy treatments which can lead to benefits including improved blood circulation and immune function. We also offer treatments to help you relax, rejuvenate and revive. Our Naturopath will target suit specific treatments to help you with your individual health needs.
What are some of the health challenges your program participant’s experience?
We offer a range of hydrotherapy treatments that include many benefits including improved blood circulation and immune function. We also offer treatments to help you relax, rejuvenate and revive. Our Naturopath will target suit specific treatments to help you with your individual health needs.
What happens on the weekends?
Our weekends are a time to relax from the more structured weekday schedule. More free time is available, and outings are planned for both Saturday and Sunday afternoons to nearby national parks and historic sites.
What is the average age of your guests?
We have had guests between the ages of 18 and 95, but most of our guests are between 45 and 70. Most of them feel younger when they go home!
May I bring a carer (those guests needing a carer on who are participating in the Abide program only)?
Yes. Carer's who are caring for a guest participating in the Abide program are eligible to receive a 30% discount on their stay at the retreat (tariffs do not include naturopathic consultations, treatments or supplements during your stay).  Please ring for details.
How will I spend my evenings?
Evening programs are not part of the lifestyle instruction but are a time for social interaction and relaxation. Programs you may enjoy include live presentations by various staff and students from their overseas travels, musical programs, slide presentations and nature videos.
Will I like cholesterol-free food?
This is an excellent question and one we love to answer, YES! Although our dietary regimen is a new experience for many people, it is one of the highlights of the program. Our guests find our wholesome, plant-based cuisine quite appealing and delicious, and they enjoy learning to prepare quick, tasty recipes in our “Practical Nutrition” class.
My friend says tea (the evening meal) is different at Abide. Is that true?
We understand the importance of a light evening meal, to ensure that you won’t be going to bed with a full stomach. Therefore, the evening meal is light, usually consisting of a mineral-rich broth. Certain medical conditions may require a special diet and any dietary decisions are made jointly with the participant.
What is the philosophy of Abide Wellness Retreat?
Abide uses a scientifically validated approach without neglecting the whole person including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. Abide uses natural methods to relieve stress and disease caused by faulty lifestyle. Our team will do all they can to assist you in recovering your health for a longer, happier life. You will be equipped with the strongest possible reasons, tools and motivation for change. Abide is one of these wellness retreats that would like to provide you with whole-person care and share with you incredible, life-changing principles, tools and strategies. We’re here to help you recover your health. We will be with you and guide you in understanding and applying these longevity principles of health. Once you understand and commit to following them, you will be on your journey to living a healthy, happier and fulfilling life. So, come and abide with us awhile.

All about payments, discounts and health insurance rebates.

Can I claim back any money from my private health insurance fund for my stay at Abide?
Rebates from a naturopath are no longer in action due to the new government regulations.
What happens if I change my mind about coming through the program?
We expend significant effort in planning and preparing for your participation, so we require a $500.00 deposit with the application. Once we have received your application and deposit, we begin the scheduling process. Should you choose not to participate, we will hold your deposit for up to one year towards a future program. Alternatively, you can nominate another person to take your place.
Do you offer discounts?
The Age Pension Card and Full Time Student Cards are recognised and receive a 10% discount (proof of Age Pension Card and Full Time Student Cards are required). If the general discount is larger than the pensioner discount, no further discount is applied.  Please mention this discount to our Sales Consultant when booking in.